Thursday, May 1, 2014

9 month pumpkin!

Mama made me a tutu!

With mama at the Easter Egg hunt

laughing with daddy at the Easter Egg hunt
She's 9 months old!

She rolls like there's no tomorrow.  Almost-sort-of-not-quite crawling... She'll roll herself between her jumper and the kitchen peninsula and then start to fuss that she can't get out.  Dr Lucy said that we should give her more floor time and she'll figure out the crawling thing.

She now says "mama"!  Her favorite word is still "dada" though.

She giggles a lot more now.

She's very into textures.  She pets things... like the church door....

She almost always just eats some of what we're eating.  We just cut it up really small.

She went to the optometrist this week to check on her watering left eye.  Everything looked good!  The Dr. said she did very well.

Over the past couple days she's hit the 9 month growth spurt hard.  Hopefully she'll be done soon!

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