Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Nieces birthday!

My nieces birthday was on Saturday. I've been waiting for some pics to post about it.

It was a blast!  Minnie Mouse themed and everything was so cute. My sister went above and beyond with the decorations and Nieces outfit.  So cute!

It's always so much fun to see Daughter and Niece play together.  They're best friends!  Only 3 months apart I think they'll be close for life :)

This is the pillow quilt that I made for Niece for her birthday.  She loves it!  It makes the perfect mattress pad for toddlers.  Just the right size for crib or pack n play. 

Here's a pic of Daughter on hers 
So they're cousin quilts!  What fun :)

My mom bought the fabric for each of the quilts and I made them both for their respective birthdays.  They're minky, so not easy to sew on, but they look awesome and they're well loved :)

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