Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The hormones are starting to get to me...

I'm moody and bloated.  I forgot all about this!  I'm only on Estrace now... it will get worse as I prepare for the actual transfer and after, adding lupron and Progesterone into the mix... not to mention an oral contraceptive (OC) which last time completely screwed me up.

THis time we're going to ask for a different one, hopefully it will be better.

All this for baby!  How could we resist when the first is this cute :)

And yes, that's a quilt top I finished last night.  The pattern is Cut-Up and the fabric line is Papillon by Moda.  I did it with 5" charm squares, not 10" squares...

It's the same pattern that I made for our twins we lost.   Freedom and Liberty quilts

I'm teaching Daughter to appreciate quilts!


  1. I hear you! I've had a hard time with mine, too. So sorry you're struggling, but you're right-it's worth it!

    It's interesting to hear how protocols are different. Mine started with OC. I didn't start estrace until after my period following the OC, and then I started vaginal progesterone after the lining check.

    1. This is just for my mock, for the real deal I'll have a protocol more like yours. :)