Friday, January 23, 2015

Home portion of the home study is today!

Home study is really a misnomer.

Yes, the home portion of our home study is today, but we've been working on our home study for months.

We did autobiographies, tax history, budget, letters from employers, background checks, finger printing, statements of faith, gave references (who hopefully have all sent back the info!), and signed our lives away... ok, maybe not, but if you've ever bought a home it's about as much signing as you do at a closing.  Like oh-my-gosh-my-hand-doesn't-work-anymore signing.

We're in the home stretch (hehe, home stretch) of the home study and later today the social worker is coming out.

I was not as stressed as I thought I would be this week.  I had set up a sleep over with my parents so I could get a hard core cleaning in, but then we cancelled.  Why does the house need to be spotless?  The SW knows that a toddler lives here.  I'd rather have Daughter's sleep schedule somewhat normal than have a spotless house.

One thing I am doing is not getting Daughter dressed until just before her nap, which she should wake up from just before the SW comes.  That way her clothes won't be too dirty :)

Our good little Lutheran :)
This is why clothes don't stay clean (or dry)
hasn't figured out the puzzle box yet

Costco with Grandma

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  1. Hope it goes well! Yay for having that part finished!