Friday, January 9, 2015


Since 12/20/14 I have had a somewhat major medical issue.  I called Lynda at NEDC Monday 12/22, and she told me to be seen by my local Dr right away.  My Dr told me to see an OBGYN, and the OBGYN told me they didn't have any openings that week and that I should go to the ER.

So I did.  They diagnosed me and said that it probably shouldn't interfere with my plans for a March transfer, but that I would have to go see an OBGYN to know for certain.  They put me on loads of restricions (not supposed to lift more than 15 lbs?  uhm... Daughter weighs 20!) to keep it from worsening. 

I called Lynda the following day, 12/23/14, and told her what I had been told.  She said she would speak with Dr K to be certain, but that she was "betting" that I would still be able to go through with the transfer. 

Didn't hear back that day... and it turns out they were closed until Friday 1/2/15.  Thankfully, Lynda did email me while the office was closed.  She told me she hadn't had a chance to talk with Dr K before the office closed 12/23 but he was researching my diagnosis.

He wouldn't say whether or not it was likely or probable for me to proceed with the March transfer until after I had seen the GYN.  Presumably, he has no experience with my diagnosis (it's very uncommon in women of child-bearing age).

I saw an OBGYN in Fargo yesterday.  Great news!  Not only did she think that I should be able to go through with the transfer and hold a pregnancy with no problems, but they didn't have to do the surgery/procedure thing that I had been told I would probably need by the ER dr! 

I emailed Lynda and she wants me to have them send the visit notes to Dr Keenan :)

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  1. So glad to hear a good outcome. That is surely stressful, especially with the transfer approaching!