Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Followup call with Dr Keenan

The call went about as expected.  He said that now we've had every outcome of EA possible- live birth, early miscarriage (chemical pregnancy), and a negative beta.  He said that we (he and us) were really expecting the transfer to result in pregnancy.

Mat and I made a list of questions last night...  Dr's responses in italics

-We used name brand Estrace with Daughter's transfer n 2012, should we try again? 
no difference
-Anything we can do to improve chances?
recommends endoscratch
-Could the negative have anything to do with changes in my anatomy (C secton scar...)?
-A friend was told on her third transfer to switch embryo age (Day1, day 3, or day 5), would you recommend that for us?
Gut says stick with current embryos (well, yes, we want genetic siblings for daughter... just wondering if you thought we should try thawing to day 5?)  No, embryos grow best in the womb.
-Any additional supplements I should take?
-Do you think it was embryo quality issues?
no, embryos were very good, one was perfect.
-with Daughter, my bladder was too full for the transfer, do you think that had a impact?
-Do you think my weight had anything to do with it?  (up 5-10lbs)

He gave more of an answer than "no" most of the time, I just wrote down "no".

We're going back in November.  We will stay in a hotel that's less than a ten minute drive from the clinic this time.  No renting cabins 45 minutes out....  we'll probably split up the drive home into 2 days just to be less stressful.  No major hikes this time.... mostly driving around the smokies.

personal female issue stuff , just including for others comfort if they go through the same thing*****meaning stop reading if monthly talk grosses you out*****

my period this month was killer.  Cramps and clots like my miscarriage of twins back in 2011... I ODd on both Tylenol and Ibuprofen and used a heating pad almost all day.  No idea why this time was worse than when I had my chemical pregnancy in March... but it was. 

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  1. Praying for you, Malia. I'm sure this is really, really hard. I'm so sorry this transfer wasn't successful. It sounds like you still have very good chances of being successful in November. I will be praying for you. (Jill B)