Thursday, September 10, 2015

November it is!

We met with our Pastor and prayed a lot about it.  November it is!

I'll start my OC soon and soon after my other meds.  Gotta get those ordered!

In other news, Daughter has had some allergy issues.  She tries to hack up phlegm but doesn't know how.  It's really kind of cute, but I know how miserable it is :(

We started her on generic Zyrtec.  We have to mix it in with juice to get her to drink it. 

We think and  hope that the allergies (and resulting drainage) are causing her bad diarrhea of late.  She seems fine otherwise, energetic and no fever, but she has a horrible diaper rash :(

So we're spending less time outside.  It's hard, but it's better for her allergies.  


  1. Sending prayers your way as you prepare for your transfer in November. (Jill B)

  2. Yay for a November transfer!
    K has allergies also and the only thing we've found that works for her is Allegra. We also use the nasal spray, Nasacort.
    Hope she feels better soon!