Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Potty training attempt #4

I should probably say "failure #4"...

I got so many tips that sounded like they'd really work. I tried them all... Nothing. 

She seemed to be happy about it at first... A bit excited. 

Then she started saying "no" every time I asked if she had to go to the potty. 

Then she brought Violet and Tigey with...
Then again it lost it's appeal. 

I should say that over two days with no diapers, she only had two successes. Went through many a pair of princess panties. 

She got really excited when I started incentivizing it with new toy cars. I had been using stickers and then candy. 

That died down after she got one. Then she kept wanting to go into the bathroom, not sit on the potty, and point at and ask for a car. She even said "pleeeaasse". 

So she's back in diapers. 


  1. I downloaded the Ebook "Oh crap, potty training ". She is an expert with a radio show on it. It worked wonderfully for my girls. The main idea is naked for a few days as you retrain their impulses. I highly recommend it! Best of luck. Potty training is my least favorite mom thing. 😉 Just be consistent and you will get there!

  2. Don't ask if she needs to go potty - every 15-20 minutes it's time for her to sit on the potty and try.