Friday, November 4, 2016

Match meeting!

While Daughter and I were driving home on Monday, we got a call... it was CFLS, our adoption agency.  I saw it on the caller ID but never answer my phone while I'm driving.  I thought what if this is the call?!? but then made myself not get my hopes up and assumed it was just a call to check in.

We pulled into the drive way a few minutes later and the phone chimed (come to think of it, I still haven't listened to the message) and I thought that must have been a pretty long message.  So I got Daughter inside and went to the bathroom, then was going to call them back.  I looked at my phone and I had 2 new texts from Mat...

"We need to call back SW ASAP today about something.  I'm in a meeting and can't call until 1:30.  Can you call and let me know what time works for you both this afternoon?? Love you!"


"text me when you read this"

Eeeep!  So I called... and then she wanted to talk with both of us, would that evening work?  We were going to take Daughter Trick or Treating... so we did an immediate conference call with Mat at work and me at home (after turning on a movie to entertain Daughter while I was on the phone)

We'd been matched!  Eeeeeppppp!  The birth mother is due in January and chose us right away in August when she came to the agency, but they wanted to wait until she was sure about the adoption plan to fill us in.  SW gave us the details she had and asked us to pray about the adoption and give her a call the following day about whether or not we thought it was a good match.  When we hung up with her, Mat called home right away and we agreed instantly that it was a blessing!

So I was going to call right away on Tuesday, but our phone and internet were out, I could only text, so I asked Mat to call.  He set up a "match meeting" for Friday, today.

It went great!  She is such a wonderful selfless person.  We gave her a pair of TARDIS slippers to wear at the hospital (and before!) because SW had told us Doctor Who was something we had in common with her.  She loved them!  And she gave us the CD of the ultrasound from 2 months ago with a handwritten message on the cover "To: Parents.  Congrats! -(name of BM)"

How sweet!!!!

So do you want to see pictures of our Son?

There are pictures that prove he is a boy, but I won't post them ;)

We are so ecstatic!!!  Praise God!!!  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Nothing is finalized until termination of parental rights.  We're trying to guard our hearts, but it seems to us and the SW that she is really set with this decision.  She can change her mind though...  Please pray!


  1. How exciting (and nerve-racking). I will continue to lift your family, this mom and your sweet boy up in prayer. Prise God for such an exciting answer to prayer!!!

  2. Wow! Praying praying praying!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, I'm SO excited for you guys!!! Congrats! Can't wait to "meet" your SON!!! =)

  4. So excited for you guys! We will keep your family and BM and baby in our prayers! Congrats!

  5. Will be praying! Congratulations!!

  6. Will be praying! Congratulations!!