Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hide and seek...

I love to play hide and seek with Daughter.  It's so cute!

First of all, when I hide in a new spot, she can't find me forever no matter how obvious it is.   

My interpretation of what goes on in her head...
Why is the shower curtain closed all of the sudden?  The thought doesn't bother her in the slightest.  Why is my play tent bouncing as though someone is in there stifling giggles?  Huh, that's a bit odd.  Why has the quilt on the bed suddenly grown?  No worries... I'll just start to call "Mama... where are you?"

Generally, I won't say anything until she's at least in another room; but when I do call her name she says, "Mama, I can hear you!"

Eventually I either give myself up by talking to her when she's in the room, popping out when she's near, or just wandering out and saving the hiding spot for a later game.  We laugh.  It's so much fun!

Then  it's my turn to count.  As I'm doing so, she inevitably comes and touches me.  She either taps me or just lays a hand on me, either way, I know right where she is before I open my eyes.  Then when I am done counting, I grab her and tickle her.

We laugh.

Oh, how I love hide and seek.  :)

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  1. Love that you enjoy your daughter so much! Praying for your family as you wait for the birth of your son!