Monday, September 17, 2012

Our 15 babies! (embryos)

We made our choice on Friday and sent in the email... and waited all weekend to hear back!  But we did this morning and we got the embryos!  They hadn't been taken!

I was so nervous about that because when we requested the additional information on the 7 donor couples, one of them had already been taken!  So we had to make our choice quickly lest our desired embryos be snatched up by another adopting couple. 

The couple we chose not only looks the most like us, but seems the most like us from the short profile we got on them.  Outdoorsy...  like to read... have professions along the same lines as ours... favorite colors, food, played the same sports and instruments as kids...

And they had twins from these embryos!  TWINS!!!! 

It's awesome... God is awesome!

So now we're going to get my medication protocol and we're on our way for a November transplant!

I've had "Thine is the Glory" stuck in my head for a few days... it seems so appropriate.  Because of Him and His plan, we may get to raise some children from this.  Either way, we have babies (we believe embryos are just really tiny babies) because of Him.  Thine is the glory! 

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