Friday, September 14, 2012

The selection process

We narrowed it down!  Way down!  From 90 + to 7!

2 of the donors we liked the most had 2 PN embryos.  15 and 5 of them.  According to my hastily written notes from the NEDC visit, PN embryos have a 90% chance of surviving the thaw (the highest) and an equal chance at pregnancy as the multi-cells or blastocysts.

So we've requested more information on them.

Also, we've requested more information on 2 multicell donors (5 and 3 embryos) and 3 blastocyst donors (3, 2, and 2 embryos).

The NEDC requires that we have a minimum of 5 embryos chosen.

The PN couple with 15 seem to look the most like us.  That is far from the most important thing, but it'd be neat to have babies who look like us.

One of the blastocyst couples I loved, hubby not-so-much.  I fell in love with the fact that they attached a short 3 point note to their donation form.  It says that if the children want to meet them at some point, they would be fine with it (but it is a closed adopion unless the child/ren choose otherwise), they want both embryos donated to a single coupe so if there are siblings they could be raised together, and they are willing to care for them if both parents died and no immediate family were available.

That really got to me.  We do have plenty of family, so that's not an issue.  But the fact that they had  the separate instructions.  That is totally something we would do.  And if we had embryos to donate, we would want closed but be open to the idea of the children contacting us if they decided to.

But the woman is 40 and the man is 50 (why hubby didn't love them)- or at least they were at the time of the donation.

We've requested more information on all 7.  We'll wait and see what the additional information says!

We'll be praying about this a lot in the coming days.  Hoping that God lets us know which children are meant for us :)

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