Friday, September 21, 2012

The transfer is officially scheduled!

We're all set for 11/14! 

The transfer, of course, depends on whether my body responds correctly to the meds- no pressure there!  But it'll probably be good because we've gone through it before with IVF just fine.  My body responds, my eggs, not-so-much.  Plus we even did the "trial transfer" back in June and my body seemed ready.

It's good news that we won't be on the first transfer date, 11/13, because we've been honored to be asked to be Godparents for our good friends new son!  The Baptism is scheduled for 11/11, so we'll be a little less rushed with the drive down.

Next week we should get the medication protocol and start up with that!  I'm less happy about that, but it's all for Baby... so it'll be good :)

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