Monday, May 20, 2013

29 weeks and starting a garden :)

Yesterday marked 29 weeks!
29 weeks!

29 weeks!
I've been getting a lot of leg cramps lately.   Yesterday while gardening I cramped up quite a bit, but usually it's just at night.  I've woken Mat up more than a few times by screaming "Ow ow ow ow!" and he selflessly gives up sleep and comes to my aid with massages or helping me out of bed to walk it off.  Yep, I'm pretty blessed to have that guy :)  Last night before bed he massaged both legs fully and I only got one small cramp all night!

I also got my glucose test results this morning.  119!  Anything below 140 passes!  Woot!

 Mat's parents were up for the weekend.  They had kindly offered to help paint the nursery, so that's what they and Mat did Saturday.  I got out of the house because of the paint, but Mat took this cute pic of Mookie trying to help :)

Finished product!  The room is a light lilac color.  We'll get white curtains and pink wall decals.  Very girly! 

On Sunday afternoon, after Mat's parents had left, we started the garden!  We borrowed a tiller from my aunt and uncle.  Worked amazing!  Mat got a 20' by 30' garden tilled in no time :)

While Mat was tilling, I was weed pulling.  I got this amazing new weed puller from my parents for my birthday.  It's so awesome!   Get's huge weeds (which we have in abundance) so easily with the root!  I can use it with one hand and I don't have to bend over at all.

Going out to plant the blueberries with my new garden cart (birthday gift from Mat)

Mookie and I planting Raspberries.  We got Boyne and Latham raspberries, and Nelson and Jersey blueberries.  We may have waited too long to plant them, so the raspberries don't look the best, but we hope some make it and we have fresh raspberries!

Such an amazing day.  I love homesteading with my hubby!  I can't wait until Daughter is born so she can be out there with us in her carrier :)  


  1. I love the nursery...the way the picture showed up on here it almost looks as if the paint fades from purple to pink-which would have been super cool.
    Question about the garden-will you fence it in? We are planning on starting a veggie patch at my parents but my dad is really worried the animals will eat all the plants-mostly the deer actually. We were thinking about simply putting up chicken wire to thwart their attempts but we'll have to see once we get the plot started. I think thats our project this weekend.
    You look so fantastic and happy on your little homestead. We really need to plan a trip up there soon-I would love to help in the garden if you need it

    1. We're definitely going to fence the garden. We even got some bird netting to cover the berries when they come. Tons of critters out here! We'll use the same fencing that we used around the orchard trees. If deer really wanted to get through, they could, but it moves in the wind so they stay clear. Also, the nursery we got the wood mulch from recommended hanging chunks of Irish Spring soap from the posts to ward off deer. Not sure if it actually works, but the deer have steered clear of the orchard trees thus far. Just stick a chunk in an old nylon sock and tie it on the fence post.

      Good luck with your veggie patch! It'll be so fun for the family :)

      We'll have to plan something soon :)

  2. Yummy fresh blueberries! Jealous! And you can take a magnesium-calcium powder supplement (mine is made by Natural Calm) for the leg cramps. If I forgot to take it a couple of days with my last pregnancy, I'd wake up with those cramps. They are awful! The supplement wipes them out completely!

    1. Between Mat giving me wonderful leg rubs eating bananas they've been much more bearable lately. I'll keep that in mind if they get worse :)

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