Thursday, May 9, 2013

Grass fire and preggo brain...

Burning the trash used to be my job.  When I got pregnant, Mat took over because he didn't want me so close to flames and smoke.  Good thing!

Last night we were out checking the trees and he decided to light up the burn barrel.  When we walked back past it, there was a grass fire!
turns out a few of the embers jumped out of the barrel in the wind and caught the dry grass on fire (the blackened section is what burned).  Mat immediately went to work stomping out the small flames... and I just stood there.  He urged me to snap out of it and go and get our hose... which I did... but I got the wrong end.  It was hooked up behind the house for orchard watering.  He came over laughing (once he had stomped out all the little flames) and said "wow, you really do have preggo brain.  You got the wrong end!"

It's a good thing I wasn't in a crying mood, because I totally would have cried.  I was still kind of in a daze as he started hooking up the hose to the hitching post water spout and told me to wet down all the grass around the burn barrel.  I did.  Even with preggo brain, I guess I'm pretty good at following direct orders.

Good thing Mat had me stop burning the trash when I got pregnant!  We need to get another 100' hose.  Then we can have one on the hitching post (near the burn barrel and garden) and one near the orchard.

Ah, adventures in homesteading :)

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