Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Our little pumpkin is 3 months!

My mom kept asking if she could carve a pumpkin and put Daughter in it.  I told her OK- as long as she did the pumpkin carving and the clean up.  She was all excited.

Well, now she's staying near my sister who will go into labor any day... so she was going to have my dad do it yesterday.  He carved the pumpkin, but because it was in the back of his truck it was way too cold to put Daughter in.  So Mat and I had to do it last night...

I knew that Daughter would not like it.  But, because we love my mom, we did it.

Eeeek!  What are you doing to me?!?

I don't like this...

Get me out of here!

I'm going to start bawling in 3...2...1

Not in a smiley mood today for a three month photo
I blame today's fussiness on the fact that the pumpkin is still on the table.  We seriously only had her in it for about 30 seconds- but that was 30 seconds too much time in a pumpkin!  Grandma is happy, though.  Daughter will get over it eventually... and we got some hilarious pics :)


  1. She is so cute! Even when not smiling and when hating the pumpkin! Babies in pumpkins are quite a trend this year! Question : have you had any rude questions from strangers yet inquiring about who she looks like? I am trying to prep myself for that!

    1. We have gotten a lot of questions about where her dark hair comes from. Even the delivery room nurse said "Wow, I was expecting blonde hair!" we just use it as an opportunity to tell them about EA. We're very open about it :)

  2. pumpkin pics made my laugh!! love it!

  3. So cute. I think I'd start bawling too if you someone stuck me in a pumpkin! Glad to see she's doing so well.