Tuesday, January 14, 2014

6 month growth spurt?!?

I thought I had at least a couple more weeks... nope.

Yesterday she was really fussy, slept more than usual, and wanted to nurse at least every two hours.

She didn't have a fever, so I thought it was either cutting a tooth or the 6 month growth spurt.  I called our clinic and spoke with a nurse.  She thought it was the growth spurt and that we should give her some cereal.  She said she'd also have our pediatrician call back.

I got a lot of feedback from other parents on FB.  My mom called me with guidance, too (thanks mom and other parents!).  I decided it wouldn't hurt to grind up some brown rice to be ready.  So I got out our trusty Kitchenaide attachment mill and ground a couple cups of rice flour.

Then our pediatrician called back and told us it was a good idea to start solids. 

Mat texted when he was on his way home so that's when I started making rice cereal with this wholesome baby food recipe if you can call it a recipe... basically just boil rice flour and water.  But then I mixed about a tablespoon of the rice cereal with 2 tablespoons of pumped milk.  Mat got home and together we decided that we would try it.

Here's a video...

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  1. Wow she is really growing up so fast! I think she likes the cereal! By the way, she's a doll. And I love the bib she has on.