Friday, January 17, 2014

Now she eats carrots, too!

So she's still eating rice cereal.  Getting better at it!  Last night, she had some carrots for the first time!

I steamed some carrots and sliced a few length wise for her to naw at while I pureed some more.  We were thinking of "baby led weaning" which is where you just give them soft solid foods from the get-go (no purees) and maybe we'll still do that a bit, but we're liking the purees, too. 

This morning I made some more rice cereal.  This batch I doubled the water so that it was a lot thinner... I tried it without milk and it worked!  She doesn't eat a lot, but she did swallow some. 

She gets food under her chin in her neck and it's really hard to wipe it out. 

For the next food I think we'll try bananas :)


  1. So much fun! We had a lot if success with a modified version of baby led weaning. We fed him purees because he was hungry and wanted to eat. But we also put some of almost every thing we had in front of him to try. When using the puree we watched his cues rather than subscribing to the idea that somehow an empty plate or a stuffed baby was the goal. By simply offering the finger foods he was chomping down steak at ten months (still with no teeth) and was with purees before a year. Plus he developed an awesome pincher grip at a young age. Have fun with the season of exploration!