Friday, January 3, 2014

Nursing mother's tax break

Modern Mom

You can write off pumps and other BFing supplies!  Between this and the hospital bill, we totally met the 7.5% of AGI needed to write off medical expenses!


  1. BFing is expensive! I spent so much on the pump, and then supplements (herbs) to boost supply. Not to mention all the back and forth to the lactation consultants. Though I think you now need 10% of AGI - errg!

    1. BFing is way cheaper than formula, for us anyway. We got a hand me down pump and formula would be at least $100-$200/month. We spent maybe $150 total (nursing shields, nursing pads, freezer bags, tubing, pump accessories) and we're going 5 months strong! That could easily be over $1000 if we were formula feeding :)