Sunday, March 30, 2014

8 months!

This darling little bundle is 8 months old!
She's been rolling a lot now.  From point A to point B- if she wants something she just rolls to it.

She's been saying "Dada" for about a month now.  I can't wait to hear "mama"!  It's come soon, I know.

She stands pretty well while someone holds her hands.  Or behind her walker if someone sets her up.  But pretty soon she tries to bounce and ends up sitting down.

She's generally in a good mood unless she's tired or hungry.  At night time she gets really giggly out of sheer tiredness before breaking down and getting cranky.  It's so cute!

She (like every baby in history) loves to put things in her mouth.  Her feet, a freshly pulled clump of hair (mama's or Mookie's), toys, phones, pens, paper... you name it.

She gets easily distracted while nursing.  I can't watch netflix anymore... but it's nice to just concentrate on her.

She really tugs at the nursing cover.  I'm going to make a larger one when I can do something besides quilt on my machine :)

She's eating solids like a pro.  still hasn't mastered the "pincer" grip, but she'll grab food in her fist, bring it to her mouth, and drop it in her lap.  We have to put small bits of solids in her mouth for her to actually get anything.  No teeth yet, so it has to be a small enough chunk for her to gum and swallow.  Makes for interesting diapers.

She's not big on puree's anymore.  She has yogurt about every other day.  Mostly she just eats what we eat. 

She loves her feet.  She sticks them in her mouth and loves for them to be tickled and kissed.  One bath she actually tried very hard to get her knee in her mouth... it didn't work.

Speaking of baths- she's now sitting up in the tub!  Right now she's more interested in cups and bowls than her bath toys. 

We got a new carrier.  It works great!  I wasn't wearing it right and got a bit of a sore back, but no more swinging :)
Daughter on an adventure!

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