Thursday, March 6, 2014

Shorty McShort

Our daughter is short.  We went in to get her measured on Tuesday and she was still 24.5".  Officially putting her at 0%.

I spoke with Dr Lucy over the phone and expressed some concern.  She said that if she wasn't growing in height by 9 months they'll recommend a geneticist.  Yikes! 

Grow baby grow!

Yesterday she was very fussy all day.  I had a lot of work to get done so it was especially stressful for mama.  I'm so grateful for my amazing husband who can come home from work and help my stress melt away :)

Anyway, so she was fussy yesterday.  Like, Fussy McFuss.

This morning when I put her in her bouncer I noticed that her feet were flatter than they had been.  Did her legs actually grow?!?  Is that why she was so fussy?  Could be mama's just going crazy after the stress of yesterday... but it's also possible that she grew!

Grandma rocking sick Daughter


  1. grow taller baby! but I am sure she will! kids grow at different rates!!

  2. Leland fell off the weight charts at 6 months (having actually lost 4 oz between 4-6 months). Now he is right at 50%. All children grow at their own rate. Still stressful for a mama!

  3. Kaylee has always been on the short side. (Don't remember the percentages.) Her birthmother is only 5' though, so we don't expect her to be very big.