Saturday, March 29, 2014

Don't you just hate fertile people?

I was asked that question recently.

Some friends of ours had graciously gifted us with a ton of baby stuff before Daughter was born.  Score!  They offered because they were done having kids.

Turns out God had other plans for them!  They just had an adorable daughter- their fifth child.  What a wonderful family God has blessed them with!  It gave us an excuse to go and see them to give back the baby stuff (plus a quilt).

So, I've been asked the question: Don't you just hate fertile people?

No.  I don't.  Yes, I used to feel sorry for myself (happy for them!) when a friend would announce her pregnancy.  Sadness is normal. 

Some people are blessed with fertility.  Good for them!  But we are blessed with embryo adoption.

I wouldn't have it any other way.  Just look at this cuteness!

EA is such a blessing.  Not many adoptive parents get an extra 9 months to bond with their child, don't have to worry about a birth mother changing her mind or not taking care of the baby while pregnant, or nurse their adoptive child.  Many mothers don't get to do that anyway!  But God saw fit to bless us with that ability :)

If I could change my life and make us fertile, I wouldn't.  Because 10 kids wouldn't even compare to the fulfillment we get out of God's divine plan.  Babies are a gift from Heaven.  We just needed to wait longer for ours :)


  1. I love your perspective. Yes, infertility is a tough journey, but there are other blessings on the way too. Thanks for sharing =)

  2. Love this! You're so right- God's plan trumps every selfish desire we have.