Sunday, November 1, 2015


Daughter and I went down to my sisters house this weekend for my nieces birthday. It was so much fun!  But we did not sleep well. At all. Oh my, daughter is a nightmare today.

Onto the pics!

My sister liked the fabric in younger nieces quilt, so she requested the same fabric line (A Beautiful Thing). 

Daughter loves her cousins!

It was a blast!  The toddlers were Elsa and Anna. For all of two minutes. They didn't actually trick or treat because they were overly fussy and sleep deprived.

We also went over to visit with NEDC friends. That's always fun!  No pics... And Daughter got really fussy so we left early. But I had a good talk with fellow NEDC mama. It's really nice to talk with someone who has been through it all.

Then when we got home, Mat had stew going in the crock pot!  So sweet!  Then he let me take a long bath and get some mama time :)


  1. So glad you had such a good visit! Tired toddlers can be so tough. I am thankful your hubby had dinner and a nice relaxing dinner made for you. What a blessing! We have a daughter who is 2 also, and is so fun. Have a great week, and will continue to pray for you.