Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Endo scratch and baseline tests done!

I had my endo scratch, ultrasound, and lab test done already. I'm on my way!  

The endo scratch went pretty well. It was a new Dr who I had never seen before, but both she and the nurse were very friendly and nice. 

The woman who did my ultrasound was originally from TN. She didn't know about NEDC, but she had heard of embryo donation (not adoption). 

Daughter and I spent the night in Fargo Monday night for my appointments. We did not sleep well... So now Daughter is fussy. I hope she takes an early nap!

Here are some pics of her :)
Listening to and watching the bell choir at church. 

She wouldn't take a nap twsterday, but then ended up crashing on the floor :)


  1. I want to say, your daughter is just adorable. I have been following your blog since about spring as I was searching for embryo adoption and have just hung around enjoying your updates. Praying for your comfort and success, if it's God's will, on this upcoming transfer. You are such a positive inspiration to other mothers out there. Even though I am not an adoptive mother yet, we are in the process of praying if this is the path He wants us to take. I enjoy watching the seasons change, because ours change at the same time and I am sure we are pretty close geographically. Many Blessings.

    1. Godspeed on your journey! If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)