Thursday, January 14, 2016

We're registering for infant adoption!

After a lot of prayers, grief, talking, and meeting with our pastor, we finally decided to go for it.

We're getting our paperwork together to register with Christian Family Life Services (CFLS) and they're getting back to us about how much if the home study we need to do (we still have a current one for Embryo Adoption). 

I've contacted the state foster care people through their web site twice and haven't heard anything back. I suppose once we get the ball rolling with CFLS I'll try contacting them through other means. 

When we met with our pastor some concerns were assuaged. I was feeling like I would be ok with not having more children, but that I want Daughter to be raised with a sibling. Pastor said that was a good thing and that it showed I wasn't being selfish. I never looked at it that way!

Today we had a "warm spell" it got into the 20s so Daughter and I went outside.  Got some cute pics!

Tomorrow it's back in the negatives. Brrrr!


  1. Very excited for you. A huge leap of faith. Praying God blesses abundantly.

    One suggestion I have in pursuing foster care adoption is to consider using an agency. In my state there are agencies you can be a foster home thorough or you can foster directly through the state. The advantage of the agency is that you have someone holding your hand through the process and acting as an advocate for you if you need it. A social worker from the agency usually accompanies these families to court and is a resource if any issues arise (allegations of abuse against you, etc.)

  2. How exciting!! Great suggestion from Lara! Can't wait to see your story unfold!

  3. Wow! How good of God to give you leading! We will pray for just the right baby for your family to be placed soon and for loads of grace & wisdom in the process.

    You are so brave and have so much love to give! Please continue to keep us updated!