Monday, December 24, 2012

Friday night scare

On Friday night, we were rushing to prepare for our 7 hours in the car on Saturday (driving out to WI to Mat's brother's house).  I took a shower before bed, was putting on lotion while sitting on the bed, and when I got up I noticed a reddish pink spot on the sheets.

***FREAK OUT!!!!***

So I ran to the bathroom to check, and yep, it was definitely coming from the baby spot- not some bizarro cut on my thigh or something.  I  somehow managed to keep calm until Mat came in from burning the garbage- I think I was in shock.  When he got in, just a few minutes later, I called "honey", my voice cracked and then I started bawling.

He came and calmed me down.  He just told me that everything would be all right and prayed with me.  He's such an amazing blessing!  We decided not to go anywhere this weekend and just stay home and relax.  We were supposed to meet up with my family Sunday in the twin cities.  Mat texted them and they were all very understanding... it would have been great to see baby nephew, but we just weren't up to it this weekend.

***TMI alert***
Anyway, turns out that it was just a few drops, which of course I didn't know at the time it started.  It most likely was just an injury to my cervix, which are exceedingly common in the first trimester.  Because the body has so much more blood, it makes bleeding easier at the slightest irritation.

I have absolutely no cramping and haven't for a weeks.  Which was a wonderful sign. 

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  1. It does sound like it's perfectly normal. It's amazing what a few drops can put you through! Hope you are able to relax. Merry Christmas.