Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas! :)

Yes, It's still Christmas until Epiphany in my book.  Do you think they stopped celebrating when He was born on the first Christmas?  No!  That's when the celebration began!

We never take down decorations until after Epiphany, which coincidentally is the new member Sunday at our new church when we'll become members :)

My symptoms are fading- which is good.  I only actually threw up a few times, but I was nauseous most of the time.  Now It's primarily right when I get up and in the evening.  I've read this is normal and I'm one of the lucky ones who's body gets used to the hormones before the first trimester is over.  I really feel much better about it since we had that wonderful 6w4d US, but we have another on Monday, at 9w1d.

***Afternoon update***
Ha!  So much for symptoms fading!  I had to lay down I was so sick... then Mat made me some food and I gradually got a bit better.  But wow, that was the worst I've had it.

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