Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pregnancy brain...

I have pregnancy brain hard core.

Many examples... but the most recent one was about 5 minutes ago.  Katie called from Dr Keenan's office and I thought she was calling from my clinic up here.

Katie-"Hi Malia.  Just calling to ask about your 6 week labs and US.  We haven't received any results yet."
me-"I had the labs done Tuesday during my OB intake"
Katie- "OK, well we haven't received them yet.  Or your US"
me-"well... I'm coming in tomorrow, I'm sure you'll have the results by then.  And I had my US done at the hospital that you told me to go to... I can bring a CD of it with if you want."
Katie-"you're coming here?!?"
me "wha... phtdnkescnulkd?"

That is not ver batim, but it was something along those lines.  My already not great at remembering what I hear brain is now pregnant.  And people wonder why I prefer email so much?

Yeah.  Pregnancy brain.

As I typed this my maternity yoga pants and leggings arrived :)

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