Monday, June 10, 2013

32 week pics! And quilting, stomach bug, and breastfeeding course...

A full weekend! 

Saturday my mom came out and helped me finish up the blocks for Daughter's quilt.

Here they are!  Well, some of them, anyway.

Sunday I ended up getting a stomach bug in the afternoon.  It's surprising because I've been pretty healthy so far in my pregnancy.  Luckily, it's on it's way out.  I'm feeling much better.

32 weeks!

32 weeks with Mookie!

32 weeks! :)

Last week we went to Fargo for a breastfeeding course.  Very informative!  So glad we went.  I really want to breast feed daughter and having as much knowledge going in is the best way :)  They had a book there which we could look through called medications and mother's milk which we registered for.  I'm planning on breast feeding for at least a year and it will be so much easier to just look up medications rather than call with every illness.  Such a comprehensive book!  Mat was already looking up different allergy meds I could take during rag weed season after the class.  He's such a sweetie :)


  1. Looking good! Love that Mookie is in almost all your photos!

  2. You look beautiful! It won't be too long now! How are the leg cramps?

    1. The leg cramps are better, but I had to stop taking the calcium magnesium daily... it had some unintended (but very normal) side effects on my system. I take it about every other day now and it is helping :)

  3. You look positively radiant! I had to stop with the daily cal/mag supplement for the same reason as you. :) It is good stuff though - glad you can keep up with it every other day. Hugs to you and pats to Mookie!

  4. you are looking too good nice ..

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