Friday, June 28, 2013

4th midwife appointment and pregnancy related craziness

At my 4th midwife appointment I met Linda.  She was a very nice midwife (I'm starting to think that's a prerequisite!).  She answered all of my questions fully and I really liked her. 

She said that if my heart burn continues to get worse, I can take two prevacids each day.  In the mean time, I'll continue with the one and she said to take Tums in addition. 

She told me that there's not much I can do about my aches and pains; they're just part of pregnancy.  Which I embrace and am glad about!  I'd gladly go through much more if Daughter needed me to!  I'd just like it if I handled pregnancy a bit more like those women with all the energy and level-headed.

She recommended I wear my wrist braces during the day to cut down on my hand tingling.  I can't bring myself to do it.  I'm so hot!  All the time!  Wearing wrist braces at night is hard enough... it's like sleeping with gloves on.

I asked her about the tingling in my legs and she said that Daughter was probably pushing on my sciatic nerve. 

Anyway, after going into the Fargo office yesterday morning, lunch with my mom, and then my appointment, I had to drive across the border to Moorhead for a quilt shop to find borders for my quilts.  Yes, quilts, I'm making "cousin" quilts for Daughter and our niece due in November :)

Anyway... I was thinking of doing lilac because that will match with both nurseries. 

Now I've changed my mind.  While there is lilac in the quilt, and it's a beautiful fabric, I just don't feel the "YES!!" that I should.  My mom (and quilting sous chef) agrees and thinks we need to find something brighter.  She's going to look at some other quilt stores.

Then I had to run to Target to fill a Rx.  Then I went over to Arby's because I was hungry, needed to put my feet up, and I had a coupon!

So I didn't get home until after 5.  That's a really long day for me... last night I had a crying melt down and Mat was once again amazing.  He asked what was wrong and the only thing I could think of was "it's so hot!".  I realized how ridiculous this sounded and started laugh/sobbing- a phenomenon related to pregnancy.  It's happened a few times now.  Very weird.  Anyway, he held me until I calmed down, OKd me turning down the thermostat, and told me that he would install a ceiling fan in our bedroom.

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  1. Gotta love those pregnancy hormones! So much to look forward to ;)