Sunday, June 23, 2013

34 weeks! And crazy amounts of rain

I'm 34 weeks!  Woot!  6 weeks until due date... Daughter is now about 4 3/4 lbs.  At this point, she's just fattening up to prepare her for life outside the womb.  She'll be gaining about 1/2 lb each week!

34 weeks!

34 weeks!

There have been some bad storms rolling through eastern ND lately.  We're getting "swaddling practice" from tucking Mookie in really tight to calm him during the storms.  I would guess that we got about 8 inches of rain since Thursday.  We don't have a rain gage up yet, but the radio said that a neighboring town got about that much. 
This is a shot of the neighboring field.  The tree line on the left is half on our property.  We own lakeside property!

 This is a shot of a ditch with about 5 feet of water flowing through it.

Same ditch, with the standing water in the fields showing behind.

When we moved to ND we expected some spring flooding, so we made sure to get a "higher" house and prepare ourselves for road closures.  This flooding is every bit as bad as it was this spring!  Talking to some people at church today, nobody ever remembers it raining this much.  Lots of crops are lost.  

On the bright side, my garden is doing pretty well.  The weeds are growing like weeds!  It's hard to get out there to weed with so little energy... at least a few of my plants are doing great :)


  1. Wow-She will be in your arms so soon! Abel and Belle were born at 31 weeks. You have already made it past that point so that is great news - 34 weeks is a new huge milestone!

  2. That's a lot of rain! I feel like we have a moat around our house, we've had so much rain too.

    Baby girl will be here before you know it! And I love the belly shots. You look fabulous!