Monday, June 17, 2013

Baby shower! And Father's day

Daughter and I had a baby shower on Saturday!  It was so much fun and lovingly put on for me by my aunts. 

Here are some pics :)
My mom (right) and her sisters who put on the shower.  Thanks so much to all of my aunts!

cutest little favors! 

Me with the cake.  It had lemon filling!  Yum yum yum. 
Daughter and I with both grandma's :)

Preggo sisters!  My sister is 20 weeks and I'm 33 weeks :)

We got so many wonderful gifts!  Thank you everybody!  A special thanks to my aunt who hosted, and all of my aunts who threw the shower.  Even my cousin, who couldn't make it, made a game and had her mom run it.  I am so blessed!

I have another shower in two weeks up in our neck of the woods for the family up here.  It will be so much less stressful to not have to drive in the cities!  I don't know how I lived there for so long... so many people!  I'm definitely a country girl now.

Father's day was pretty awesome.  I woke Mat up with breakfast and by reading "Hop on Pop" to he and Daughter.  We took his parents out to brunch.  They seem pretty excited about the first girl born into the family :)

We had slight car issues on the way home so we ended up turning off the AC about 1/2 way.  But Mat was amazing and proved once again that he is an amazing father by taking care of everything and getting me a popsicle so I didn't overheat :)


  1. Looks like your shower was much fun! 33 weeks is getting close! :)

  2. Well you have me beat at 33 weeks. I delivered Jameson by then :) I'm super excited for you and totally have baby fever right now-My cousin just had his baby, Brents sister is due in 2.5weeks and then you...LOVE IT!!!!