Monday, July 15, 2013

37 weeks! Meet Bucky and LWML quilt for daughter :)

37 weeks!

37 weeks!

You may have noticed a furry new addition to the pics... not talking about Mookie, but Bucky.  The deer that Mat had gotten a few years ago that was the biggest anyone had taken on my grandfather's land in many years.  I think he's pretty impressive!   Tasty, too!  Provided good venison for over a year.  But since the move he had just been sitting on the floor in the nursery but Mat got him hung up in the living room this weekend.  I think he looks good!

LWML quilt for daughter

close up of the quilting
The LWML ladies at my church made Daughter a quilt!  Daughter is very blessed to have so many quilters around her!  One can never have too many quilts :)  This is our first "whole cloth" quilt and very beautifully quilted.  I love how the quilting details differ in the different sections of the picture.  And the small animal pics are even framed!  My mom and I have never done anything like that!  When we rent out a Gamill Long Arm we just pick one pattern and stick with it.  Which is still beautiful (what home made quilt isn't?) But I'm loving the new quilt, too!

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  1. Wow! 37 weeks! Super exciting! I think Bucky is a fine addition to your living room and the quilt is beautiful! I totally agree - one can never have too many quilts!