Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Visit to the birthing center and 6th midwife appointment

Monday I was cramping constantly.  It was about on par with my worst period cramps.  So I called the midwife nurse and she thought that I might have a UTI, changed my Friday appt to Tuesday, and told me to take a warm bath and tylenol.  If it didn't improve, I was to come into the birthing center. 

It didn't improve. 

So, at about 7:00 Monday night, Mat and I made a trip to the birthing center.  I was still cramping pretty bad (a constant cramping, not come and go) and when we got there it got worse from the walk through the hospital. 

Turns out everything is fine.  I'm just one of those lucky women who starts to cramp and contract really early.  They did a UTI test, monitored me for a bit, I had two contractions, and we came home.  We got home just before 11.

The nurse, Natalie, was awesome.  She said that she was comfortable letting me go home because I had the midwife appointment the following day.  My mom came to drive me yesterday.  Krista checked me over and everything looked good.  She said Daughter had dropped.  Cramps were normal... and they can't tell if I'll go into active labor in a couple days or a couple weeks.

So... Daughter's still in me, I'm still cramping, and I'm taking it pretty easy.  The cramping gets worse when I'm up and doing stuff.

I want Daughter to come when she is ready!  :)


  1. glad everything was AOK and you were able to go home! You are 37 weeks now right? maybe that bby is close to ready! will be thinking about you!

  2. BABY IS COMING!!! BABY IS COMING!!! Try to have someone give updates if you aren't know like when you're in the middle labor persay...GETTING SO EXCITED I can't wait to me the babe.