Friday, July 26, 2013

Daughter is breech

At the midwife appointment today we found out that Daughter is breech.  Jen told us that we could either schedule a C Section or do a version. So they did an ultrasound to determine her health and amount of fluid so that we could do a version.  We have one scheduled for Monday.

Prayers are greatly appreciated!  We really don't want a C Section, but if it's the only way to get Daughter out safely, we'll do it. 

She's measuring in the 33rd percentile according to the US today.  She is healthy and mobile, so lets just hope she turns back to the head down position! 

On Monday my dad was telling Daughter to do a somersault for Grandpa.  I told him not to say that because she was in the right position.  If he says that to my sisters kid or any future kids he'll get smacked ;)


  1. Oh no! Hope she turns for you!

  2. Oh, Malia. I am so sorry to hear this news. Keller turned breech at 39 weeks! I didn't even know it until I went into labor and they checked her out via u/s the next morning. My water had broken so they weren't able to flip her. I pray that it works on Monday!

  3. Oh goodness. Praying she turns on her own this weekend. And if not that the version is successful!