Thursday, July 11, 2013

5th Midwife appointment

I met the last one!  Christa.  She was just as nice as all the rest.  Beginning next week, I'll see my midwife, Jen, for the remainder of my pregnancy. It's so great to be able to visit with everyone who could possibly be delivering Daughter. 

My mom drove me to keep my stress levels down.  Thanks, mom!  I got to recline in the passenger seat for the hour long car ride (each way!) rather than getting a sore back in the upright car seat.   Plus, the AC in her car works great!

Christa answered questions and did my Strep B test. 

Turns out, I can't swim for 6 weeks after Daughter is born :(  That stinks.  Not that I'm a huge swimmer, more of a player-in-water, or now just a floater.  Floating is so nice!

My belly button is purple.  It has been protruding for at least 2 months now, and Mat just noticed that it was purple and wanted me to ask about it.  Apparently that's normal.

She poked around and told me where Daughter's body parts were.  Her HB was upper 140's and I was measuring right on track.

She looked over my birthing plan and told me that it looked good...

Daughter's been getting the hiccups 4-6 times daily but she said that's normal. 

Her guess was that Daughter would be 7.5 - 8 lbs.  The last midwife guesstimated 8.5.  So I'm guessing daughter will probably be somewhere in there :)


  1. So excited for you and can't wait until she is here! I go for my first midwife appt at my new clinic next week. It's the clinic who does waterbirths for VBACs. I'm excited to get started! I had the worst leg cramps last week and thought of you. Of course, I started taking the Natural Calm and haven't had one since! : )

    1. I haven't been getting so many cramps lately and I stopped taking the supplement. Hooray for that! Hope yours stay better with the Natural Calm :)

      I wish my clinic would allow water births... I'm so happy you found one that does them for VBACs!