Friday, December 13, 2013

Nursing is hard... but it does get easier

I feel so blessed that I'm able to nurse Daughter.  So many people can't for any number of reasons. I know that many mothers really want to, and try so hard, but never succeed. 

It started to get easier about 2 months ago.  Then much easier about a month ago... I still have the occasional blister, but I'm toughening up.  Now Daughter is teething so she occasionally chomps.  Still- so much easier than it was at first!

Did I mention that 8 hour stretches at night are now the norm?  They are!  Plus then she usually goes back to sleep in about 30-60 minutes for another 2-3 hours :)

While nursing, she often strokes my chest.  It's like she's trying to swim.  It's so cute!  And I just love to look at her little hands on my chest.

Also adorable, is the addict look she gets in her eyes.  Like she's getting her fix- her eyes roll up into her head as I've seen countless times on Intervention.  A look of pure ecstasy without the actual Ecstasy!

Obviously, there are no pics of her nursing, so you can't enjoy how she looks while nursing... but I'll share some other pics :)

stop singing, Grandma!

Always happy to help with laundry :)


  1. She is precious! Glad it is going smoothly!

  2. This is very encouraging! I had a baby on Monday and right now I'm in pain and wondering how long it's going to take for this to get easier. Fortunately I have ample supply, so I'm confident the pain will pass.

    1. Congratulations!
      Soothies were a lifesaver for me