Friday, December 20, 2013

Wonderful puppy :)

This is the best puppy in the world (for our family)

I took that when he came in the house with a snowball on his nose. 

Anyway, Daughter was on my lap on the couch today when Mookie came over for some snuggles.  I put my arm around him and was petting him and Daughter reached out and grabbed some fur.  I said "No, Daughter", and disentangled her tiny hand.  Once I got her to let go, Mookie gave her kisses.  This happened around 5 or 6 times.  Mookie never snapped at her or got upset- he just gave her kisses when she let go.  In the end, Daughter got upset with me for continually saying "No" and loosening her grip on Mookie.

Mookie's an awesome dog.  We're so blessed to have him as "puppy brother" for Daughter :)

I got a good pic of Daughter's hand while nursing today.  Doing the "breast stroke"

our happy girl :)


  1. Our miniature dachshund, Toby, has always tolerated Abel and Belle's annoyances well too. He is also a great doggy brother and my baby! :)