Monday, December 2, 2013

Thankful Thanksgiving and 4 months!

Thanksgiving 2012 was our first BFP telling us that Daughter was still with us :)

Captions are her words, translated into English.  Not everybody speaks baby, so translations help ;)

Hmmm... What's this thing?

There's a baby in there!

Mama wants help putting laundry away.  This goes in my mouth.
The top two pics are when I held my phone in front of her during tummy time.  In the second she was getting so close to rolling over! 

It's snowing in ND.  I had Daughter looking out at the snow and I was telling her about being a Snowflake :)

Speaking of Snowflakes, one of my friends had this up on FB.

Snowflake nursery wall decall

I'm seriously thinking of getting it... even though her nursery is already decorated.  I wish I could find that saying in a frame instead...


  1. She is precious! And that is probably the kind of thing that you can find on!

    1. Thanks! I just searched Etsy and they do have it on a sign, but not framed... and it's blue... I just may have to make something myself! Or make a quilt with that embroidered in the center :)