Thursday, October 30, 2014

15 months!

Daughter is 15 months!  At the Doctor (no, not that Doctor ;) yesterday, she had an ear infection and was getting a molar.  So she wasn't (and isn't) very happy. 

But now she's on antibiotics.  And let me tell you, (begin sarcasm)she's such a peach to give medicine to.  No squirming or spitting it out at all!  (end sarcasm)

Here are some 15 month facts :)

  • She is 29.25"
  • weighs 20 lbs 12 oz.
  • She can say mama, dada, pop (my dad), yes, no, uh-oh, hi, bye, woah, and "I love"
  • Her favorite word is "no" (I just put her down for a nap and I keep hearing it over the monitor)
  • She loves to be outside!
  • She runs now
  • She's very observant
  • her favorite toy right now Pre school walk n roll 
  • She's still between one nap and two naps
  • She loves to wave out the window
  • Generally, she waits to wave until the wavee has turned his back
  • Still only has the 4 teeth, but there's a molar on the way!

Yesterday at the Doctor she was having fun exploring a new place. She found the stirrups!

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