Wednesday, October 22, 2014

travel arrangements made!

I've never booked a flight... I don't like flying and generally avoid it- so I've only flown when somebody else booked it.  So I asked my pseudo-travel-agent sister to help me and she just ended up booking it for me... and the rental car...  Thanks sis!  I did manage to book the hotel like the grown up that I am...

Anyway, we'll be in TN for 2 days.  The appointment is on a Monday, so Mat should only have to miss 2 days of work.

I'm nervous about flying, but it'll be OK.  We won't fly for the actual transfer because my stress levels need to be low, and flying stresses me out. 

Eeep!  Baby #2 is becoming closer!  We need to finish our home study renewal!

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