Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ordered my Estrace :)

Woot!  I ordered my Estrace for our consult/mock transfer in December!

I called yesterday to make sure they were still going to send out orders for the lab tests and the estrace... she said that my file was marked "pending" or something like that.  She wasn't sure why, but then she emailed me everything I needed.

There's one pharmacy out of Maryland that Dr Keenan trusts to have generic Estrace that is close enough to the original.  So I ordered from there, and it was only $12.99!  That's way cheaper than last time when I had to get name brand.

But, the pharmacy is not licensed in ND... there's a law in ND that all pharmacies must be 51% or more owned by the pharmacists.  (I believe this is a very dumb law... luckily, it's being voted on in November and I know how I'll be voting.)  So they have to ship it to my parents at the lake (in MN).

Dumb beyond all dumb.  Or I could spend $300 for the same pills from a local pharmacy.

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