Friday, May 1, 2015

21 months!

I can't believe she'll be two in three months!

  • She loves being outside. 
  • Enjoys flouncing or flying with her skirts at church (when Mat and I pick her up by the hands)
  • Enjoys the zoo
  • Not great at listening...
  • Has many words... the latest is "Bless you" 
  • Going through sleep issues.  Sleeping a lot less.
  • Likes to climb into cars and trucks in the yard
  • Really likes her slides now.  Gets super excited when she gets to the end!
  • Sometimes won't nap...
  • Starting to like "making ice" when I do it I put a little water in her ice tray.
  • Really enjoys "helping" in the kitchen, in the yard, vacuuming...

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