Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I've already started my OC hormones (Kelnor).  Much better thus far thanthe evil Reclipsen that I was on for Daughter's transfer, but they still screw me up a bit.

I've been on them 2.5 weeks and gained 5 pounds, get nauseated really easily, and get really cranky.  Also, weird things make me want to cry... like being frustrated about not being able to get Mat a new phone because something was screwed up with our account. 

But for this transfer I started the OC much earlier.  I only have to be on it by the 10th of the month prior to transfer (so June 10th), but I have to wait until the first full day of my period to start.  Last time, for the failed March transfer, I waited as long as possible and ended up starting a day late (2/11/15).  Dr K said it was ok, but my crazy brain tells me it worked when you were on OC for over a month before the transfer in 2013... so do that again!!!.

So I've already started.  Kelnor is so much better than Reclipsen, but it's still hormones that my body doesn't need and isn't used to. 

It's all for baby!  :)

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