Thursday, October 15, 2015

Update on Daughter

First of all, she's as cute as ever. 

And she's talking more and more in the midst of her babbling. Her favorite word is "outside".  

She's counting!  Not great, but when she hears a number she'll say the next few. It's very cute. 

I've had two unsuccessful attempts at potty training. Next week we're going to try the potty training boot camp. I really hope to have her potty trained before the transfer. 

She's doing better grocery shopping. She pushes the cart most of the way and when she gets the walk-about bug I put her in the cart. I only do short shopping trips with her, but she's been doing well :)

She's still not great at story time. But she had to start getting better one of these days. 

She's getting so fast!  I can't keep up with her. 

She enjoys coloring. Often times it's on her body... But it's all washable. :)

She's getting better about listening and obeying, but still not great. 

We love her so much!  We're so blessed to have her :)

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