Friday, October 9, 2015

The wrong Estrace!

The mail order pharmacy has sent me the wrong generic Estrace. 

I noticed that the pills were shaped differently than in the past, so I called the pharm. yep!  They sent generic Estrace from another manufacturer. Doesn't seem like a big deal, but dr K only wants TEVA Estrace. They knew this and sent the wrong one. 

The pharmacist I spoke with said that they'll probably send out the correct rx free of charge, which make sense because it was their error. I'll know next week. 

I also got my med protocol today. Another slight heart attack... I couldn't log in to the new site for the info so I emailed Lynda, waited about 45 minutes (it was after 3 here which meant after 4 there) and then I called. 

Turns out, after some figuring, I was one of the few in the July cycle who was tried out with this new protocol relaying site, so I had changed the automatic password. 

I got my lab, US, and endo scratch orders. I called my local clinic to get them scheduled and the infertility nurse was out but the nurse who returned my call didn't know what an endo scratch was... Yikes!  I hope he infertility nurse does!  Otherwise I need to find another clinic :(

So a lot happened today on the EA front. Happenings mean it's getting closer!

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  1. Hang in there! Sounds like even though things keep popping up you know how to handle them, still frustrating though! Sending prayers for a successful cycle.