Monday, October 22, 2012

headaches, crazy dreams, and normalcy!

I've gotten headaches for the past few days.  Nothing earth shattering, just maybe I should take some ibuprofin kinda stuff.  And last night I dreamed that all of our new neighbors in ND (neighbors being a strange word... the closest is over a mile away) came over to introduce themselves.  One had made some mulberry wine which I tasted and loved... one was names Seive... they were all friendly and gave me canning tips.

But I'm relatively back to normal.  It's amazing!  I love it!  People can talk to me without me wanting to or starting to cry!  Oh normalcy, how I've missed you!

My first ultrasound and lab test is tomorrow.  I remember when we went through the IVF rounds I got poked for labs so much that my elbow was all bruised and sore.  This time, since it's a frozen embryo transfer, they aparently only need to draw blood and do an US twice!  That'll be a nice change... and we already know we have 15 babies so that takes so much of the pressure off.  My body didn't respond well at all to the ovary stimulation before, so it's nice to get to skip that step.

My dad came out to the farm today to take some pics of us for a Christmas card.  I think they turned out pretty well :)

Mookie hears things with his radar ears and turns his head for every picture :)

And my mom gave me a great sign with our name on it and a farmall... but I forgot to hold it up for the pictures!  We're still deciding where to put it... on the house, garage, or by the well pump... but either way it's a great sign!  And soon there will be more of us living here :D


  1. Lupron definitely gave me headaches too. I'm so excited that your 1st u/s and lab is are getting so close to transfer day!

  2. Hope everything goes well tomorrow. Not much longer now!!!