Monday, October 1, 2012

Quilts for the twins we lost

This weekend was the annual quilting retreat with my mom's church (the church I grew up attending) and as usual, I attended.

This years quilt top was a tad easier than quilts of years past, so I opted to make 2- one for each of the twins we lost last August.  We named them Freedom and Liberty (we didn't know if they were boys or girls) so we thought the Americana colors were appropriate.

They're large lap size quilts so we can snuggle up in them to always remember them.  My mom and I will rent out the Gamill to quilt them up nicely.

On the adoption front, no med protocol yet.  They've assured me it's coming by the 15th.  The meds I'm already on are making me moody enough!

Funny thought for the day- I never went on the birth control pill until we started trying to have a baby.  Good thing, too.  I don't think I could deal with these hormones for any extended length of time!  I read on another EA blog that God had designed her so well that any extra hormones made her out-of-whack.  How true that is! 

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