Monday, October 8, 2012

Homesteading weekend

What a wonderful weekend!  Full of work- but it was the stuff that doesn't seem like work.  God is awesome!  Every time we look around our homestead we are in awe of His greatness!

We got a snow blower for our tractor (much needed in ND)
 Mat loves his tractor!

 Did some canning of apple pie filling and a few pints of applesauce.  First time using Tattler lids!  They worked well when Mat tightened them... when I tightened the rings (and then loosened the 1/4 inch as per the instructions) one of them boiled out!  We used that one to make some pastry pockets last night.

We got the garlic planted.  Mookie and Bindi were anxious to watch the process.  We ordered our planting garlic from seedsavers this year; rather than just planting some garlic from the farmer's market.  We're hoping that it gets larger.  (we covered them later in the day with pasture grass).

We also ordered some trees, fruit trees, nut trees, raspberreies, and blueberries in root stock from a nursery for spring delivery. Apple trees grown from bare root stock will produce in 3-5 years!

Life is wonderful... God is wonderful.  We are so blessed! 


  1. Can't wait to see you Garden/Orchard. It will be so fun to watch it grow and produce-just like your new family...You should also start a pumpkin patch-they kids would love it and it's cheaper than buying pumpkins for Halloween

  2. Maybe a pumpkin patch is in order... good idea!