Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thaw and transfer agreement

Well the whacky vivid dreams started last night.  There were zombies... hehe.  Lets hope tonight's dream is not about anything scary!

I'm so lethargic... and stressed.  I can't stand being less-than-rational but it seems I really can't get around it right now.  Hopefully rationality will return on Friday, because Thursday is my last day with the OC!  Yay!  Three cheers for not taking evil hormones...

Last night my injection site really hurt and turned red.  It only lasted about 15 minutes... but Mat was amazing and calmed me down and took great care of me.  I am so blessed :)

We sent in our thaw and transfer instruction form today.  It's just the form that says how many embryos we want thawed and transferred, but it took a lot of thought and prayer.   Eventiually we settled on 2.  But if (and only if) they were both of very low quality we want a third. 

The one time we had surviving embryos (from the 6 eggs they got out of me through two IVF attempts) there were two of medium quality and I had a twin pregnancy (with weak heartbeats from the beginning).  So, apparently my body is ready to hold on to babies, just the mix of hubby and I doesn't create viable children who'll live past the first trimester. 

I'm hoping and praying that our new babies will!  Their sibling embryos gave their biological parents twins :)


  1. The PIO injections are what gave me wacky vivid dreams. Hope your dreams don't get any more wacky and vivid when you start them! Praying!

  2. I've been on both Lupron and PIO before... and it seemed that only the Lupron gave me the vivid dreams. It's kind of a fun side-effect when the dreams aren't about zombies! :)

  3. Yeah and we could all use a good zombie apocolypse dream

  4. Last mights dream was sort of sci-fi fun :)